We are an a class from Braga Elementary School (EB1 de Real). We are interested in share with about our life here, in braga.
We would also love to invite all the Members to participate in Artistic and Musical Projects!
We have a lot of Ideas that we would love to share with you! Please tell us about your Artistic activities at school
Many creative thingd could be done together!
Please take a look at "Music" Page

Here are two pictures of our school:


Thanks Ana. Thanks Jeff!
I think that working on Art and Music is very motivating for the students and for the teachers too.
Here are some pictures taken from a Project about Peace we are developing with "Hathaway Brown" School, Shaker Heights, Cleveland, Ohio - Mrs. Carol Sphar. American students created several drawings that were transformed in postcards with a particular software.
Our partners sent these cards to us with messages about Peace, Cooperation, Environment, Cooperation and Good Will.
Our school cooperation involves Early Childhood Education, 2nd and 4th Grades. It started in November 2007.
Andrea, "San Filippo" Primary School, Città di Castello, Northern Tiber Valley, Umbria, Italy.

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