Members of a community have a responsibility to give back to that community. Your task is to create an organization that serves the community you belong to, take action on a specific need that is important to you, and create a fictional story that shares your passion for the need you are addressing.

Your organization must have promotional materials. These materials must include:
1) a name
2) a logo
3) be persuasvie
4) show creativity
5) serve a need in the community
*presentation is important

Your action must show:
1) a problem
2) rationale on why this is a problem
3) your idea
4) the steps needed to execute your idea
5) documentation/proof of you executing your idea
6) a conclusion and reflection

Your published fictional story needs to convince others of the importance of helping out the community and focus on the need you would like to address. Your story needs to include:
1) characters
2) setting
3) beginning, middle, end
4) problem/solution
5) illustrations

Before we leave for spring break in March, we will choose successful organizations that display civic responsibility to represent the initiative Kids Can Change the World and submit them to those organizations.

Results 2010