What holidays do you celebrate?

Halloween! http://tinyurl.com/252lv26

Watch our holiday concert this year.
Live Video streaming by Ustream

Here are some picture of our students in St. Louis, MO, USA celebrating Halloween:

We have many holidays, last thursday it was teacher's day and this week we don't have classes because it's our spring break. Students generally travel abroad or to a ski resort for this time of the year, or they just stay home and enjoy! ar-lgflag.gif Santa María School, Argentina

These are some of the pictures they took:
Bautista in the beach and Pedro E in Disney World
Gonzalo in Usuahia (Argentina) and Agustina A. in Lagoinha (Brazil)
Pedro B. in Las Leñas (Argentina) and Sebastian in Sao Paulo (Brazil)
Toribio in Iguazu Falls (Argentina) and Guido in the beach