Welcome to MICDS 2nd Grade
Landmark PBL Project

Challenge 1
Global Community Connection Challenge
In the spirit of building a global community, our 2nd graders have collaboratively created a unique image that represents our community. We would like to attempt a "virtual" relay connecting our community to other communities around the world. It is our goal to see if we can get our image to visit places on 6 out of the 7 continents before May 22nd.

Please Join Our Relay and Help Us Meet Our Goal
Please follow the directions below and then forward this email to anyone you think would like to participate.

1. Download and print out the attached image we created.

2. Take a picture of you holding this image somewhere in your hometown. It would be great if the picture could be by a landmark or popular place in your community.

3. Email the picture to: 110894196262882598386.imagerelay@picasaweb.com

4. In the subject line, write your location - city, country (ex. St. Louis, Missouri, USA)

6. Forward this to someone who lives in a different city (and, if possible, a different country).

Thank you for your help connecting our community with yours!!
Amy Lamb, Kristen Kaiser, and Margaret Hanser
alamb@micds.org and kkaiser@micds.org
Skype us at: Globalrams
2nd Grade, MICDS, St. Louis, Missouri USA

Challenge 2

Tour of St. Louis

The 2nd graders were asked to create an in-school field trip for Lower School students of famous St. Louis landmarks and places. Each project needed to be creative, informative and entertaining.

Final Presentations and Projects