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Winter Olympic PBL Project

Challenge 1
Heidi Glaus from KSDK heard that we have been learning about the Olympics and how it will bring the whole world together. Since KSDK will be covering the Olympics in Sochi, she would like our help in getting more people in our school community to watch the Olympics and help them learn more about the Olympics, all the different events, and the athletes that are participating. She will return to see our finished projects. The projects need to be creative, informative, and entertaining.

Project Results
KSDK News Coverage

Challenge 2
Rick Patze, chief operating officer for USA Curling, has challenged our 2nd graders to simulate a curling game in our PE class. We will record the 2nd graders playing the game they developed and then send it to Mr. Rick while he is in Sochi, Russia.

Project Results

2nd Grade Olympic Torch Relay Challenge
In the spirit of the Olympic games we have created our own Olympic torch. We would like to attempt a "virtual" torch relay. The five Olympic rings represent the five regions of the world - the Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania. It is our goal to see if we can get our torch to all of these regions before the opening ceremony on February 7th.

Please join our Torch Relay!
Please follow the directions below and then forward this email to anyone you think would like to participate.

1. Download and print out the attached Olympic torch we created.

2. Take a picture of you with this torch somewhere in your hometown.

3. Email the picture to:

4. In the subject line, write your location - city, country (ex. St. Louis, Missouri, USA)

5. Let us know what your favorite Winter Olympic Event is on our wall.

6. Forward this to someone who lives in a different city (and, if possible, a different country).

Amy Lamb, Kristen Kaiser, and Margaret Hanser and
Skype us at: Globalrams
2nd Grade, MICDS, St. Louis, Missouri USA

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