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Hola amigos! It's 2nd B, from Buenos Aires, Argentina!
We prepared a short video for you.. with a 'Poesía' (poem in Spanish, written by Gabriela Mistral, a Chilean author) that is about how much love we give to plants when we plant and take care of them! It's part of a project we're doing in Spanish.
The poem says:
Plantando el árbol
Planting a tree

Abramos la dulce tierra
Let's open the sweet soil
con amor, con mucho amor;
lovingly, lovingly
es éste un acto que encierra,
this act reveals
de misterios, el mayor.
the biggest mistery of all.

Te dejo en pie. Ya eres mío,
You are standing. You're mine,
y te juro protección,
and I swear to protect you
contra el hacha, contra el frío
against the axe, against cold,
y el insecto, y el turbión.
against bugs and bad weather

A tu vida me consagro;
I consecrate myself to your life
descansarás en mi amor.
you'll rest in my love.
¿Qué haré que valga el milagro
What could I do that would worth
de tu fruto y de tu flor?
the miracle of your fruit and your flower?

And in the end there's a little bit of "Little Jack Horner" one of our favorite Nursery Rhymes.