Anagayle's Proposal

Anagayle is going to make flippers inspired by her passion, dolphins, for humans to wear while they swim.

Jane's Proposal

Jane is going to use her gift for gab to create a talk show about her passion, biking.

Carol's Proposal

Carol is going to make basketball more awesome by redesigning the basketball. Watch this video she made about basketball moves:

Lucy's Proposal

Lucy is going to have kids make their own versions of Pablo Picasso's artwork and hang them up.

Belle's Proposal

Belle's love of Orca whales has spurred her to create a picture museum of facts about these creatures.

Erica's Proposal

Erica is planning on combining her love of singing with helping people in the community but organizing a group of 2nd graders and going to a Children's Hospital and singing for the sick kids.

Mac's Proposal
Mac is going to take his love of dogs and create great photos and videos to give to kennels and vets about different dog breeds.

Jordan's Proposal

Jordan is taking her passion for endangered animals and making a museum of activities about jaguars.

Hannah's Proposal

Hannah is going to make a web page that she hopes will take her passion for fashion and make us all more fashionable.

Trey's Proposal

Trey is using his love for World War 2 and has been inspired to build a model tank from the war and present it with a background of one of the battles it was used in.

George's Proposal

George is going to make a miniature hockey game out of clay figures inspired by his passion for hockey.

Raina's Proposal

Raina is eager to learn how books are made and is going to learn how to do it herself!

Jack's Proposal

Jack has immersed himself in the Harry Potter series and wants others to do the same so he is creating a Quidditch game for 2nd graders to play!

Mat-Mat's Proposal

Mat-Mat is going to help us all explore the solar system through a space party!

Cortlin's Proposal

Cortlin is going to take his love for chess and giant size it as he makes a giant chess board and pieces for the playground.

Jake's Proposal

Jake is going to teach 2nd graders about World War I by creating a video game. You can play it here:

Bianca's Proposal

Bianca is going to make a giant hip hop board game where you learn hip hop moves. How cool!

Tyler's Proposal

Tyler loves the ocean and he is going to make a fishing game to help others appreciate the ocean like he does.

Emmett's Proposal

Emmett is going to attempt to make basketball more awesome by designing something that will return the ball to you after you shoot. After careful consideration he decided to make a video that teaches people awesome basketball moves. You can watch it here:

Duda's Proposal

Duda is going to take her passion for gymnastics and try to spread it around our community by teaching a gymnastics class.

Layla's Proposal

Layla is going to make our community more awesome by helping people learn about her passion, fossils through a coloring book.

Peter's Proposal

Peter is very interested in the Civil War and is going to try and share his interest with our community through a model of Fort Sumter.

Ben's Proposal

Ben loves Porches and is going to make a Porche chess game for people to enjoy.

Brin's Proposal

Brin is an athlete and he has become interested in Rugby. He's going to try to make a kid friendly rugby game.

Isabel's Proposal

Isabel loves Furbys and she's going to design clothing for Furbys to wear.

Jordan G's Proposal

Jordan loves to dance and particularly loves tap. She's going to create a pop up tap book for the community to enjoy.

Elizabeth's Proposal

Elizabeth also loves Furbys. She's going to design Furby cookies and cookie cutters!

Kareena's Proposal

Kareena is interested in slavery. She's investigating how slaves lived and is going to make a model to share that information to our community.

Dominic's Proposal

Dominic is also interested in slavery and he's going to create a slavery timeline and museum to educate our community.

Zion's Proposal

Zion loves chess and is going to share his love with us through a play about chess.

Zoe's Proposal

Zoe is using her love of cats to make a interactive game show called Jeperkitty! If you want to participate click here:

Julia's Proposal

Julia loves ballet and she wants you to experience what makes ballet so great through her instructional video she will be creating!

Chloe's Proposal Page 2

Chloe is very interested in the Sun. She will help you learn how interesting the sun is through her true or false game show about the Sun.