Sochi is a resort city in the Krasnodar Krai territory, Russia. Sochi is the permanent home to about 430,000 people. This city is located along the shore of the Black Sea. Sochi is the longest city in the world at over 90 miles in length. The city is informally referred to as a “summer resort capital” of Russia. Sochi is situated at the foot of the Caucasus Mountains on the Black Sea. They speak Russian in Sochi. Money that is used is called the Russian ruble (RUB).

The mountainous part of Sochi (Krasnaya Polyana) is located about 24 miles from the coast of the Black Sea. The average height of the Caucasus mountains around Sochi are 2,000m. 
Krasnaya Polyana is fast becoming a world-class ski resort, which is increasingly being recognized as among the fans as well as among professional athletes.
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The coastal part of Sochi is known as the "Russian Riviera" for its sandy beaches and warm Mediterranean-like climate along the Black Sea. More than 2 million visitors come every year just to sit by the beach in Sochi.
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Climate: The climate in Sochi is subtropical and the city usually has 200 sunny days a year. The average summer temperature is 75 F and 41 F C in the winter. You can swim in the sea from April until October, and go skiing from October through May. Sochi's receives about 59 inches of precipitation yearly. The average number of cloudy days - 66. Sochi is located in the zone of humid subtropical climate which means it is like south eastern states in the US (Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia and Louisiana). The Caucus Mountains overlooking Sochi average six-and-a-half feet of snow each year, but hard freezes are rare in the city down below.

Attractions: Sochi is known for its various vegetation types (many of which are palms), parks, monuments and extravagant architecture. Around two million people travel to Greater Sochi during the summer months.

Sochi has a lot of attractions like Sochi Dolphinarium, Sochi Oceanarium, Sochi Circus, Summer Theater, The Art Museum, Ethnographic Museum, Literary Memorial Museum of N.A. Ostrovsky, The Festival of Velvet Seasons, Sochi hall of organ music and others. Sochi has Russia’s largest salt water aquarium. It boasts 4000 species of fish in its 29 aquarium. Sochi is also home to the Tree of Friendship – a lemon tree with dozens of cultivars from other countries grafted onto it. Krasnaya Polyana ski resort opened in 2007.